Vineyard Update- July 8, 2018

Our vines are now growing like mad!  Vitis Riparia (wild grapes)  are incredibly vigorous in their growth. So much so that they can start strangling off their fruit with their tendrils. This means we need to give the vineyard a couple combings and haircuts during the next month and a half before bird nets are…

Vineyard Update June 23, 2018

Vineyard Update June 23, 2018 We are seeing some serious growth happening in all the vineyards.  In the next week we will begin to prune back  some of this new growth just to keep everything tidy and encourage fruit production. All in all we are seeing a very healthy vineyard.

More Cool Facts about the Sheyenne River

  The Sheyenne River has a special place in our hearts at Kesselring Vineyards. This river runs through our ranch is the home of many wild grape vines hanging over its banks. These vines are the parents to the vines to our vineyard. So in a sense the river is the mother to our vines….

Vineyard pictures 02-24-18

Here are some late winter pictures of our Vineyard. We have yet to prune any of the vines other than a haircut here or there.

June, 2015- Vines recover from Spring frost (secondary buds show fruit)

A series of freezing temps occurred during the night this spring which in turn froze out our primary fruiting buds. Now after a month new leaves and fruit have come forth from the secondary bud. Looking good but unfortunately we will probably get a third of the fruit we would normally get.

May 17-18, 2015 Frost Damage

The beginning of this saw almost 2 inches of rain but unfortunately we saw night time temps dip below 32 degrees which unfortunately damaged the vines. (See pics below)  What this means is that the new shoots from the primary buds will dry up and fall off. What should occur next the secondary buds will…

May 3-10, 2015 -Leaves!

The week before Mother’s Day saw much progress in the vineyard. Check out those leaves!