April 20th, 2015- buds begin to swell slightly in Vineyard while in the wild they are still dormant. 

The past week saw high temperatures in the 70’s. There has been no rain until this week which was a paltry 1/4 inch on Sunday. No rain predicted for the next week although temps will be 32 degrees F and under at the beginning with it warming up to lows in the 40s. Buds seem to beginning to swell in vineyards but nothing is occurring on the wild.

Buds in vineyard are beginning to swell.



Buds in wild are still hard unlike those in vineyard.



April 2, 2014- all growtubes are off and no signs of vole damage

As of this morning I was able to remove all the growtubes that we were using to protect the trunks of our grapevines. No vole damage on any of the vines. This was wonderful in contrast to last year where we lost 50-60 vines from voles. The growtubes proved to be the right decision.