Aug 13, 2018 The Land Around Our Vines

  Here are some images of the riparian landscape around our vineyards. The Sheyenne River flows about a 100 yards away and has wild grape vines  growing all along its banks. This river is wonderful for fishing or canoeing trips. Cotton wood, Box elder, and Oak trees grow there and host many vines growing up…

Aug 6th, 2018 Meet Molly our Vinedog

We adopted Molly several years ago and since that time she has been an invaluable companion in the Vines. Lots of energy and keeps you focused on pruning. She loves playing with the longer cuttings!  

Veraison – July 30, 2018

Here is a quick update of the vineyard last weekend. Veraison has been occurring in the vineyard since the middle of the month. This is a little earlier than the last few years but not much. Growth is starting to show sign of hardening off and in the next month we will start watching for…

Vineyard Update- July 8, 2018

Our vines are now growing like mad!  Vitis Riparia (wild grapes)  are incredibly vigorous in their growth. So much so that they can start strangling off their fruit with their tendrils. This means we need to give the vineyard a couple combings and haircuts during the next month and a half before bird nets are…

Vineyard Update June 23, 2018

Vineyard Update June 23, 2018 We are seeing some serious growth happening in all the vineyards.  In the next week we will begin to prune back  some of this new growth just to keep everything tidy and encourage fruit production. All in all we are seeing a very healthy vineyard.

In the Vineyard “New Growth”- June 17

      Rain (little over two inches) and hot weather and made our vines literally explode with growth. The vines are going to start getting unruly in the next few weeks so we will have to start our midsummer combing and pruning soon.

Deer Control – Fences

    We have a lot of deer along the Sheyenne valley. They are beautiful to see but destructive to vines left unprotected. Without proper fencing our vines and crop would be severely damaged. Vineyard 1 we built with a 10 foot high fence surrounding its nine rows. But for vineyard 2 and 3 we…

The Birds – June, 2018

This time of year birds love to try and build nest in our vines. The nests they build are either on top of the part of our vines( where they are well hidden) or at the bottom by the trunk. We usually are able to remove the nest before any eggs have been laid or…

Fruit Set. June 10, 2018

Last week we saw that fruit on our vines set.  I included pictures of  various clusters through all of our vineyards. Its looking like we may have some big clusters this year!

Grafting update- June 10, 2018

Quick update on our grafting project in our vineyard. Thankfully we have a some rain over the last few days which has helped all the plants but especially the newly grafted plants. We do have a drip irrigation system that we use but its not as good as getting rain. Anyways, our grafted plants are…