Deer Control – Fences

    We have a lot of deer along the Sheyenne valley. They are beautiful to see but destructive to vines left unprotected. Without proper fencing our vines and crop would be severely damaged. Vineyard 1 we built with a 10 foot high fence surrounding its nine rows. But for vineyard 2 and 3 we…

The Birds – June, 2018

This time of year birds love to try and build nest in our vines. The nests they build are either on top of the part of our vines( where they are well hidden) or at the bottom by the trunk. We usually are able to remove the nest before any eggs have been laid or…

Fruit Set. June 10, 2018

Last week we saw that fruit on our vines set.  I included pictures of  various clusters through all of our vineyards. Its looking like we may have some big clusters this year!

Grafting update- June 10, 2018

Quick update on our grafting project in our vineyard. Thankfully we have a some rain over the last few days which has helped all the plants but especially the newly grafted plants. We do have a drip irrigation system that we use but its not as good as getting rain. Anyways, our grafted plants are…

In the Vineyard: Grafting vines

Grafting time is here. These photographs show the grafting process from beginning to end. We are grafting female cuttings (scions) to male rootstock. Vitis Riparia are dioecious( sexed male and female) unlike domestic grapes which self pollinate. Some of the grafted vines were already having buds swell.        

Natural Bird Control..

Cottonwoods are a natural perch for eagles. Our stretch of land along the Sheyenne River has many gigantic old Cottonwoods and which makes a great home for eagles. Their presence and that of other predators such as hawks discourage birds from eating our crop.

Photos of the Vineyard from June 3, 2018

The vines are now growing like crazy with a full recovery from the minor frost damage a few weeks back. Both male and female flowers are blooming and there are some signs of fruit set on some of the plants.

Vineyard Update May 30, 2018 -A little frost damage

  Not all of our vines made it unscathed from the low temperatures a week ago. The younger vines that were in a low spot of the vineyard definitely have  had some damage.  They should recover very quickly in the next few day with the secondary buds opening in the next week. This hopefully is…

More Cool Facts about the Sheyenne River

  The Sheyenne River has a special place in our hearts at Kesselring Vineyards. This river runs through our ranch is the home of many wild grape vines hanging over its banks. These vines are the parents to the vines to our vineyard. So in a sense the river is the mother to our vines….

Deer and the Vineyard -Springtime

  We have a large population of deer by our vineyard. Though they are beautiful they can be very destructive to new growth in the vineyard. During and right after bud break is the most tempting time for these critters. Our solutions is fencing. One electric fence and the other a very high one. Worth…

Vineyard update- Apple Blossoms!

In our first vineyard we ever planted we also included four apple trees that give a prodigious amount of apples. They also give us these beautiful apple blossoms every spring!