Photos of the Vineyard from June 3, 2018

The vines are now growing like crazy with a full recovery from the minor frost damage a few weeks back. Both male and female flowers are blooming and there are some signs of fruit set on some of the plants.

Post Frost Update May 22, 2018

It looks like we may have come through with our vines unscathed by the low temperature. We are going to continue to monitor for the next few days.

Vineyard pictures 02-24-18

Here are some late winter pictures of our Vineyard. We have yet to prune any of the vines other than a haircut here or there.

Spring Uncovers Vines

It is no secret that this Winter was a particularly harsh one for all across the United States. Many people are altering their normal pruning methods and taking a more “wait and see” attitude as they see how the subzero temperatures effected our vines. Meanwhile in our vineyards we saw some damage from Voles and/or…

Wild Grape Vines In The Wild

These pictures are of wild grape vines just 50 feet away from Kesselring Vineyard. All are on the north bank of the Sheyenne and surrounding the vineyard are at least 75 large plants.