May 17-18, 2015 Frost Damage

The beginning of this saw almost 2 inches of rain but unfortunately we saw night time temps dip below 32 degrees which unfortunately damaged the vines. (See pics below)  What this means is that the new shoots from the primary buds will dry up and fall off. What should occur next the secondary buds will…

March 5, 2015- beginning to prune vines in Vineyard 1

Started to begin pruning vines on Vineyard 1. Beginning by untangling cutting shoots from each other and other plants as well as cutting off any dead wood. Temptatures have started to rise into 20s and today into the 30s so it should make for good pruning weather.

Jan 17, 2015 – Winter in Vineyards 1,2, and 3

Here are some pictures of the Vineyards as they are right now. You will that we have grow tubes around the base of each vine. This is done to protect from Vole damage. Also poison pellets have been put down to counter the vole problem. Vineyard 2 and 3 have an electric fence around them…

Jan 17, 2015- Vine clippings

January is the time of year where we get vine clippings for expanding our vineyard as well as replacing any vines that may have died during the winter. All clippings are taken from vines in the wild no further than a mile from our vineyard and as close as a 100 yards. Each cutting is…

Oct 12, 2014- vineyard post harvest

Here are a few pics of vineyard 1 post harvest. Our crew was amazing this year! Only one cluster was missed! Wind came through the last few days and blew off all leaves. A little melancholy seeing it like this after all of this season’s hardwork.

Oct 8-9, 2014 grape harvest

Oct 1 Brix in wild( by new road) 16 Brix. In vineyard count is 16-20. Oct 2 Brix 16-19 vineyard 1 Oct 3 16-20 Brix vineyard 1 Oct 6 Brix in vineyard 1 Brix 19-20 Oct 7 Brix in vine 1 15-17 Oct 9 harvest day. Hard freeze that night. 300 pounds harvest. Brix count 19-20. …

Aug 15, 2014- bird Netting goes up.

With brix count at 8-13 brix (reflecting sugar content of grapes – our goal is 22) we are to much trouble with Birds so we have put the bird netting up. Which is about two weeks sooner than expected.

Aug 8, 2014- ripening of grapes in vineyard and in the wild

Vineyard 1s grapes continue to ripen ( brix range from 8-11) while the vines in the wild are just starting to show signs of veraison. Some of the vines in Vineyard 1 are still struggling even after my application of the micronutrient leaf spray. Still pale leaves though the new leaves are green.

Aug 6, 2014- with grapes ripening birds start to attack

Though it is exciting that our grapes are ripening it has attracted a problem from the birds wanting to taste the grapes. (With the Brix count at 8-11 brix) It has become significant enough problem that we will have to put up the bird netting ASAP

Aug 5, 2014- nutrient deficiency in Vineyard 1

Its been a little over a week after I applied a micronutrient leaf spray . This was done in response to ayes lowing of leaves due to nutrient deficiency of either boron or magnesium. Ready plants are looking better although the leaves that were looking yellow or pale seem to be getting worse and will…