May 1st- bud break

First day of May saw the buds popping open. Fingers crossed that we don’t get any frost!      

Mar 15-21 2015, Pruning continues and the removal of grow tubes

March is seeing record high temps with highs in the 70s. Makes for nice pruning weather! As bud break is supposed to be light induced and not temperature induced in wild grapes as opposed to commercial varieties I’m not too worried about this weather having adverse effects on the vines. This winter the Voles(field mice) where kind to us….

Our New Vineyard’s First Winter

Winter has come hard and fast this year for us. Constant subzero temps (as low as -20+ F) and plenty of snow have made for a challenging first winter for our vines. The deer are out in full force though we have only seen one breach of our fish line surrounding the vineyard(photos below) Otherwise…