Post Frost Update May 22, 2018

It looks like we may have come through with our vines unscathed by the low temperature. We are going to continue to monitor for the next few days.

Cold weather in the Vineyard May 20, 2018

A cold snap came through the vineyard last Saturday night. The low seems to have been 31 degrees Fahrenheit.  I was able to spray the vineyard the day before this so I am hoping that this will deter any frost damage.

What is “Vitis Riparia?”

Vitis Riparia is simply the scientific name for the Riverbank grape. It is also known as river grape, frost grape, and wild grape.  They are notable for being indigenous to the northern and eastern parts of Canada and The United States. In fact many historians believe that Vitis Riparia was the grape variety Leif Erickson…

The Sheyenne River

Kesselring Vineyards is situated along the beautiful 591 mile long Sheyenne river, one of the major tributaries of the Great Red River of the North. The Sheyenne is classified as a “perch river” since its banks are higher than the surrounding ground. Over hundreds of years these banks formed as natural levees covered in forests of…

May 8, 2018 – The buds keep swelling!

  Buds are swelling! Probably 90% is swollen out of all 3vineyards, but only 40% of vineyard one is as far along as the pictures…we better keep a lookout for frostthe next couple weeks..

Winter pruning and clean up. April 2018

  Very happy to be done with pruning this year. Many vines in Vineyard 3 (our newest vineyard) had to be tied up to the trellising so we had a little extra work. Things are already getting greener and sap is definitley flowing. No bud swelling as of yet.

Pruning 2018

Pruning time is upon us again and this year I have some extra help. Vines are looking great and some of the newer one’s in Vineyard 3 are really taking shape. Looking forward to the coming growing season!