Sept 1-Oct 1, 2014- fruit begins to ripen

Bird pressure is definitely steady. Grapes sticking out of netting are attacked. Put up fake hawk and owl in vineyard one and that seems to help cut down birds presence. Biggest problem is keeping the from getting into netting that covers fence.
Birds defiantly showing pressure in wild.
Wend sept 3 Brix 9-16 in vineyard 1
Tied ribbon to lower part of fruit bearing vines to scare birds away from eating fruit below netting. Brix in wild ranges from 6 to 12 at the very highest. There are zero grapes on vine by road and vine by bridge seems to have secondary clusters due to its loose stems and abundance of green or blanks within the fruit clusters.
Friday Sept 5 Brix count vineyard 1 12-18. 1.5 inches of rain prior day.
Monday Sept 8 Brix in vineyard 1 is 15-20 Brix
Tuesday sept 9 Brix in vineyard 15 Brix. In wild by bridge Brix is 13.
Wend sept 10 Brix in vineyard 13-15.
In the wild I checked by Bubbas dam which was Brix 8. Grapes are weedy tasting and juice is still clear. Else where in the wild I get Brix of 13. Juice is red and taste is more like grape like and sour. Closer to Welches grape juice.
Thursday Sept 11 vineyard 1 Brix 13-17
Monday Sept 15 Brix in vineyard 11-15. In the wild the vine by the bridge is at 12. Leaves are now starting to turn on that vine.
Tuesday Sept 16 Brix vineyard 15-19
Cluster measure .5 oz for medium cluster 1.0 for large and .1 for small.
Wend sept 17 Brix count vineyard 1 ranges from 13-19.
Thursday Sept 18 took Brix in wild by bridge and by new road and got 15-17. Vine by Bubbas dam stripped by birds. In vineyard we have 15-21 Brix
Sept 19 vineyard 1 Brix count 17-19
In wild Brix was 17
Sept 22 Monday Brix 15-17 in vineyard 1
Sept 23 Brix in vineyard 1 15-19
Sept 24 Brix in vineyard 1 13-17 in wild it is 15
Sept 26 Brix 13-20 in vineyard
Sept 28 Brix 15-20
Sept 29 16-20
Sept 30 16-20
Leaves have turned in last 2 weeks and falling off the wild ( by bridge) Brix 16






Vineyard 3 vines are growing steadily after being planted this June.


The wind has been so strong that some of the nets (Close to the north side of Vineyard 1 have begun to rip and tear. I have been able to patch the holes by using clips.



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